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As an artist I have always found my work to be strongly influenced by my environment – by my internal, psychic space as well as by my external, physical surroundings. The act of painting is a process of searching and liberating my physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual responses in order to connect with the deeper mysteries and archetypes. This rich process of distilling the inner and outer experience has contributed to the abstract nature of my work for most of my career.

The first impetus of a painting for me is color, an idea that emerges and evolves throughout the actual painting process. My process, the veiling and unveiling of color and surface, along with the manipulation of painterly tools and concerns interacts with mood, gesture, and various states of energy until finally an image is born.  This way of working often takes months, sometimes years before color and image are integrated and the painting is whole. Throughout the many phases in the development of my work I have sought, to express my individual search for meaning in life through the journey of my painterly search for color and image. The painting is the residue of that process and search.

Jeanne Lamosse

Artist Statement